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berryMQ is a on-memory tiny message queuing library. Project goal is programmer friendly MQ. This not aims reliability, persistency. It will support cross-languages messaging(Python, Ruby and so on).

Current version has following features:

  • Push API: event driven style API like twitter:-)
  • Pull API: simple queue object
  • Multi language support: Python(2.4 - 3.1) and Ruby(1.8.7, 1.9.1)
  • Inter-process communication: communicate via JSON-RPC(new! 0.2)

Now following features are under construction:

  • Call back API: easy to use method-chain
  • More language support: I’d like to support JavaScript and so on

Get berryMQ

If you use python, you can install via easy_install

$ sudo easy_install berrymq

If you want to install Ruby version, download source code from bitbucket. And then unzip and type on your console:

$ ruby setup.rb config
$ sudo ruby setup.rb install


Gem package will be created ASAP.

The all files are in a Mercurial repository at

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